Saturday, September 7, 2013

Busy Doesn't Have to Mean Take Out

I knew that this would's been over a week since my last post!! Not only did the kids start school but I started another semester of school as well. I told myself that busyness would not keep me from posting and sad to say it has. However, it will not keep me out of my kitchen. These days dinner has to be kept simple. I have to leave everything set up for Isabel or Prince Charming to just come home and warm a few things up. Well, one of my favorite go to meals for busy nights are these quick and easy tostadas.

For the record....Isabel, my 16 year old is usually my photographer but since she was at school I took on this little photo session on my own. So, please excuse my amateur pictures.  
Before I go on I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is consuming me right now............

Prokaryotes, Bacteria, Cell structure, fossil makes my head spin!!

Sometimes I am so tempted to just give in to take out and trust me I'm sure I will soon. But for now I'm hanging in there.

Refreshing Agua de Melon

I made this delicious "Agua de Melon" to go along with my Tostadas. The tostadas were so effortless that after I was done I saw this beautiful Melon just sitting there on my counter and thought, "why not!"

And is as good as it looks!!